Opelika-Auburn News - November 17

Write-in candidates hope to make a mark in Senate race

"What really matters is that we stop letting others define us as left or right, Democrat or Republican. We have elections to express our values, not to paint maps red or blue."

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Fox News Radio, November 16

Another option for Alabama?

On 'Fox News Talk' Ben Kissel spoke with Ron Bishop for U.S. Senate, the Libertarian Party candidate in the Alabama Senate race.

National Libertarian Party - Press Release - Nov 15, 2017

Sane alternative to Roy Moore: Libertarian Ron Bishop for Senate

..Writing Ron Bishop’s name on the ballot in Alabama is easy, but in order to do that people first need to know that he’s a Senate candidate who will represent them with fiscal sanity, social harmony, and peace.

On the issues, Bishop holds common-sense positions that are agreeable to Alabamians from across the political spectrum.

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Reaction to Roy Moore allegations

For Immediate Release - Thursday November 9, 2017

The Libertarian Party of Alabama reacts to the allegations of sexual misconduct by Republican Candidate Roy Moore.

The Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Alabama, Leigh Lachine, made the following statement regarding the recent allegations of misconduct by Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore:

"We believe that our candidate, Ron Bishop, would better represent the values of the people of Alabama. Ron and the Libertarian Party of Alabama are the true voices of limited government.

Roy Moore is unfit to serve as a representative of the great state of Alabama. He has never hesitated to use religion for personal political gain. Now that his reprehensible past behavior has come to light, it only underscores his contempt for the rule of law that has twice removed him from the bench.

Republican leadership has asked Roy Moore to step down as a candidate for US Senate, with talk that they will instead advocate for a handpicked write-in candidate. We don't need Mitch McConnell to pick our next Senator. Alabamians can instead pick their own write-in candidate, Ron Bishop.

The other alternative is Doug Jones, who does not represent the small government values of most Alabamians. In a recent ad, he talks about his loyalty to the constitution, yet supports the unconstitutional Individual Mandate and supports the same tax-and-spend regulatory state that has dragged down our economy and well being for decades.

We are being presented with bad choices. We could choose a man who is morally unfit to serve as our representative or a different one provided by the establishment Republicans and Democrats.

I say we should reject both and instead write-in Ron Bishop, the choice for freedom and limited government."  Leigh Lachine


National Libertarian Party - November 9, 2017

Libertarian Party wins 12 races, will challenge Judge Roy Moore

"..Enter Libertarian Party candidate Ron Bishop, who is running a solid campaign focused on libertarian principles and positioning himself as the sane choice between an extreme social conservative and a Democrat who is much too progressive for Alabamians to vote for under most circumstances. Bishop’s website, RonBishopForUSSenate.com, provides a clear overview of his positions on a wide range of political issues.

Bishop faces the challenge of running as a write-in candidate because Alabama election law requires a 20 percent share of the statewide vote in order to retain ballot status.  This creates an effective Democratic/Republican political duopoly."

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