The Richard Dixon Show - Tuesday Nov 7, 2017

Ron is running a write-in campaign for Senate and trying to offer a libertarian alternative to Roy Moore and Doug Jones. He and Richard discuss his motivation for running and his stance on issues that he will be faced with if he wins.

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The Joey Clark Radio Hour - Wednesday Nov 1, 2017

Ron Bishop For Senate Offers A New Path Forward

Ron Bishop from the Libertarian Party of Alabama chats about running a 3rd party write-in campaign for the US Senate in a hotly contested special election.

Ballot Access News - Thursday Oct 19, 2017

Alabama Libertarian Party Runs a Write-in Candidate for U.S. Senate Special Election

Alabama holds a special election for U.S. Senate on December 12, 2017. Because the Alabama ballot access laws are so severe, only the Republican and Democratic nominees will be on the ballot. However, the Libertarian Party has nominated a write-in candidate, Ron Bishop, and his candidacy has been mentioned already in the Birmingham and Anniston daily newspapers.


Alabama Political Reporter - Wednesday Oct 18, 2017

Ron Bishop runs write-in campaign for Senate

Wednesday, the Executive Committee of The Libertarian Party of Alabama selected Ron Bishop of Irondale, Alabama, to represent the party as a write-in candidate for the upcoming special election for the U.S. Senate.

Bishop formally announced his candidacy at the Whistle Stop Festival on Saturday, September 30 in Irondale.

“Alabama has the most restrictive ballot access laws in the nation. The Democrats and Republicans are attempting to keep the Libertarians off of the ballot, but the voters of Alabama can write us back on it by writing in Ron Bishop for the U.S. Senate,” said Josh Tuttle, LPA chairman.

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Anniston Star - Wednesday Oct 18 2017

Libertarians try write-in candidate in Alabama Senate race

If you're drawing a blank in the Senate race between Roy Moore and Doug Jones, Irondale resident Ron Bishop wants you to write his name in.

“I’m not a lawyer, for one thing,” Bishop said. “I’m just a simple IT geek born and raised in Alabama. Nobody’s bought me.”

Bishop is running a write-in campaign in the special U.S. Senate election to be decided Dec. 12. Ballots across the state will carry the name of former judge Roy Moore, a religious-right icon running on the Republican ticket; and Doug Jones, a Democrat best known for winning convictions against Ku Klux Klan bombmakers during his stint as a federal prosecutor. (paywalled)

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